Friday, July 10, 2009


The Grave Yard...

At Angel's Funeral on the next day, the Jiggy Girls were there. Even Jesse, He was wearing a black cap that shielded his face from the gazing eyes that looked his way. He looked so devastated and tired like he didn’t sleep for few days.

Molly and Rachel were setting together quietly. Justin and Ben were setting beside Rachel. They were whispering to each other. Lucy was setting in the last line because she came late. Stacey was setting in third line, her eyelids were puffy from crying over Angel all night. Besides her, Chester was setting and holding her hands. Ammy was next to them, lost in her thoughts and tears running down her face.

There were of course a lot of students from Angel's class at the funeral paying their respect. Ethan, Jacob and Abigail from the music class. Olivia and Kate from her PE group. And Dan, who used to work with Angel in the school weekly newsletter.

Angel's parents – Mr. and Mrs. Hartnett- were setting in the first raw. Horror and sadness filled their faces, their only child has died.

Niketta was there too. She is the last member of the Jiggy Girls. But she had to move to Africa, because she wanted to expand her knowledge about witch crafts. Of course that's not the reason she persuaded her parents with to move there. She told them they can't postpone their dream  trip to Africa until after she graduate. She can continue her education there.    

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