Sunday, September 6, 2009


Ammy's House...

That Saturday night, all of them went to Ammy's house. They were in the setting room. Rachel and Ben were standing. Molly, Justin and Nikita were setting in the couch. Ammy and Leo were setting on the other couch and Stacey, Chester and Jesse were coming inside when Molly said: "How are you Nikita? its been a long time"

" I'm fine" Nikita answered " I missed you guys so much"

Then Stacey said: "Yeah, we missed you too. We are sorry we had to meet again like that"

Nikita added: " Things happen. And Angel was one of us and still one of us. I'll never forget her"

" Neither do i". It was Jesse. He was leaning on the wall, hands inside his pockets and his head bending down. They were all surprised 'cause Jesse didnt say a word to them since Angel passed away.

"Anyone want something to drink?" Ammy said to break the tension.

"Get me some sodas hun " Leo answered. "Me too" Chester said, he was raising his hand.

"Ok, coming right up" said Ammy and hurried to the kitchen.

After that Lucy rushed in and said " yeah i know i'm late. Save it! i have a good reason this time. Some detective.. Emm.. James Addam i think, stopped me while i was leaving the funeral. He asked me some questions about the night when... you know"

" And what did you say to him? " Rachel asked. "well, ofcourse i told I was at Molly's party." Lucy replied.

"What do you think she would say? " Ben interrupted. Then Rachel faced him and said with a tune "what?? I didn't mean any thing! i was just curious that's all . Let the girl finish her story" She looked the other way and gave him her back.

" GOD!! here we go again. you always want us to start a fight since the day we met!. I'm outta here i dont need this." and he marched out.

Ammy came back with four sodas. She gave one to Leo, one to Chester and put the others on the table. " Where is Ben going? " she asked.

Rachel grabbed a soda and opened it, she said "We just had a fight".
"OH!" Ammy added " Not again!"

After that, Lucy sat on her knees and dropped all the things in her bag on the table. "What are you doing?" Justen asked.

"Well, the detective.. what's his name again? " Lucy said.

"James Addam!" Justen answered her impatiently.

"Yeah right. He said something i dont remember. I wrote it down on a paper...... FOUND IT!" and she raised a piece of paper then added " He said that all those who are close friends with Angel have to go to the police station 'cause they are doing further investigations, and they want all of you for some questions by tomorrow morning. " Some beeping was coming out of her bag then she added " Well, some friend paged me. gotta go. see you all later. " then left the room in a hurry.

" Im not going for sure" Nikita said. They all turned to her wondering. She added quickly " Hey! dont look at me that way. Its just that i hate police stations. I don't even like to think that i'm inside one of them. And Besides, i wasnt here since when? say 3 months? no way. "

" Yeah, she's right!" Chester said. Then Leo threw the can aiming for the trash " 2 points! Do you have more sodas since Rachel drank all of them? "

"No. Sorry sweetie we are out" Ammy answered. "Its ok" he said and gave her a kiss. Then Rachel shouted " HEY! no kissing in front of me."

They all started making out just to annoy her. Of course except Nikita and Jesse, they just looked at each other. Nikita turned her head down for a while and when she looked up again, Jesse was gone !! ...

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