Sunday, September 18, 2011


School, Lunch Break... 

The school's cafeteria was filled with noises of students talking, dishes cluttering, and chairs being dragged around. In the middle of the cafeteria area is where the Jiggy Girls usually sit.

"Hi guys" Rachel sat on their table. "Oh hi Rachel" replied Stacey.

"Guys, did any of you see Mally today?" Ammy wondered. "No" Rachel, Chester and Stacey replied.

"Weired!" Ammy continued "She was fine yesterday but didn’t see her in class today"

"Maybe she was talking to Justin all night" Stacey joked. They all laughed then Chester leaned on Stacey and whispered " I wanna talk to you all night or maybe do something more" Stacey blushed and gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek.

"Check it out" Rachel said to the group. They all turned and saw Jesse waiting in queue at the food corner. Then Leo came with his tray and sat next to Ammy. "Hi sweetie" he said and gave her a kiss.

She asked him " Did you see Jesse?". "Yeah, we talked" he answered.

"Really man?" Chester asked "How is he?"

"OK i guess, but he didn't get out of his house the whole weekend" Leo answered and took a bite from his sandwich. Then Rachel waved at Jesse to join them, and he came "Hi everybody" Jesse greeted them and sat next to Rachel.

"Hi Jesse" Stacey replied "How are you? Where've you been?"

He looked at her and said "Sorry if I've made you worry about me but I'm fine now" then Rachel said "Good to hear that 'cause we missed you and we don’t get to see you around lately"

"Well.." Jesse said "Here I am"

"Seriously man" Chester said to Jesse "If you need anything name it, alright?"

"Thanks dude. I really appreciate it" answered Jesse.

Molly's House 6:00 PM ...

Mrs. Black heard some knocking on the door, she went to open it. "Oh hi Ammy, Leo. Please come in". "Hi Mrs. Black" Leo Smiled politely.

"Molly is in her room with your friends." Said Mrs. Black. Then Ammy and Leo went upstairs.

Stacey was setting on Molly's bed holding her hand. And Chester was setting on a chair next to her while Nikita was standing near the window.

"Sweetie!!" Ammy rushed in and hugged Molly. "Hey Ammy" she said hugging her back.

"I heard what happened last night. How are you?" Ammy asked in a concerned tune. "I'm still a bit shaky but I think I'm alright." Molly answered.

Then Lucey and Rachel entered the room hurriedly and hugged Molly. "They told us what happened!" they both said in a shock.

"It's ok girls, I'm fine. Honestly." She said to them and attempted to smile to prove it.

"Tell us how it happened exactly" Chester asked Molly.

She straightened up on the bed and asked everyone to set down. Then she went on "I was sleeping after our meeting yesterday. Then some cat fight woke me up. I went to the window to see what's going on. Then I turned my back for a sec…" Molly paused and looked at the window, then continued " And there it was, the blood covering the window. It was awful"

"Oh my god!" Lucey said, shocked.

"The scariest part is" Molly said "That ugly big black cat just sitting there, biting the other cat by its neck. It actually killed the poor cat!! It was disgusting. "

"Hold on for a second" Nikita interrupted "How on earth did the black cat managed to climb all the way up to your window that fast while carrying the dead cat with it?!!"

"I don’t know!!" replied Molly with a concerned look on her face.

Then Leo asked "Excuse me, but is it just me or… " he looked at Chester "do you remember any meeting yesterday?". "No!" he replied "why?"

"Because I don’t remember either! Hmmm, what's going on girls?" Leo looked to the Jiggy Girls "What was this secret meeting that we don’t know about?"

Then Ammy looked at Stacey to give her a hint on what she could say to him. But Stacey couldn’t say anything.

"Leo" Nikita said "We tried to resurrect Angel's spirit yesterday to help us know what happened to her but it didn’t work."

Then Ammy said quickly "The reason we didn’t tell you boys is because we didn’t want you to get into trouble…"

"COOL!" Leo interrupted. "TOTALLY!" said Chaster in amusement. Ammy looked confused cause she didn’t see that coming.

"But you should have told us anyways. We could have helped" Leo said. " I'll make it up to you" Ammy teased and kissed him.

"Get a room!" Rachel frowned at them.

Then Lucy said "I think it's time to go. We should let Molly get some rest". Then she looked at Molly and asked "Are you going to school tomorrow? " Molly nodded, and they all left.


Sunday, May 9, 2010


Monday, 4:05 A.M. Molly's House, ...

Molly stood up in her bed in a shock. what was the noise that woke her up?!! And then it started again. she looked at the window where a very scary cat's sound came from.

And then another one deep and sharp,

A little squeal escaped Mollys' mouth. The sound of the cats woke her up. Then they got loader, they seemed that they were fighting.


Molly jumped from her bed and looked through the window. The cats hit the trash can. they were still fighting.

She backed off, closed the window and turned . She waited for a while until the sounds stopped then she turned around again to check if the cats left.

"AAAAAAH!!" Molly screamed and fell backwards on to the ground. Then her parents rushed to her room and Molly's mom held her up " Whats wrong honey?"

Molly was crying and pointing to the window. Then Molly's father looked to the window and gasped " WHAT THE...!"

There was a big black cat setting on the other side of the window biting a dead grey cat by its neck and there was blood all over the window glass. The black cat just sat there staring back at them.

Mrs Black took Molly out of the room and Mr. Black went to his room to fetch his old pitch and returned back to Molly's room to scare off the cat. But it was gone. Both of them, the live and the dead one!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


The Grave Yard, 11:30 pm ...

"Ok, we are here, where is Nikita? " Rachel complained.

"I dont know. She said that she will be here by now. " Stacey replied.

Molly was rubbing her shoulders " This place gives me the creeps. Let's get the hell outta here. "

"NOO!" shouted out Nikita, they all jumped.

Ammy asked quickly "Where've you been ? ".

"Buying some stuff" said 
Nikita and dropped a bag to the ground.

"Great! " Lucy said with a tune "We are standing here frozen to death while you were shopping … "

"At the witches craft shop " 
Nikita interrupted her. They all stood silent.

"What ?!! " wondered Ammy. Then 
Nikita said "You’re always hasty. Listen " She took a deep breath " I know that you want to know what really happened the night Angel died, right ? "

They were nodding in agreement and curiosity filled their faces, and 
Nikita continued " Well, so do I. And I've been thinking lately, thinking hard and finally I figured it out.. "

"And … ?" Molly interrupted impatiently.
Nikita said " Just hear me out , ok?. Now where was I ? … yeah right. Umm, first you have to trust me"

Stacey said " Sure were trust you. Other wise we won't be here ."

" Alright then" said 
Nikita. She started to take out stuff from her bag, candles, books, herbs and a bowl.

Then Lucey asked " What are these for ? " . " These things will help us " 
Nikita replied to her. " Help us with what? " She asked.Nikita didn't say anything for a while while looking at the girls who were anxious for an answer. Then Nikita said " Here how it goes, we all go to Angel's grave, and set in a circle around it. Each one of us should light a candle in front of her. Then I'll start chanting some … "

" What are you trying to say? " Rachel interrupted.

" I'll bring Angel back! " She said calmly.

" WHAT?!!" they all shouted out.

" Hey hey! " 
Nikita tried to explain "It's not like trying to bring her BODY back!. But if we can communicate with angel's spirit, which I hope .. "

" You gotta be kidding me!. You are crazy, you know that?! " Lucy shouted at her and took off. Then Niketa ran after her " I can explain this.. Hey listen to me for a sec.. " she grabbed Lucy's arm " I know this is too much for you and you cant fully comprehend it. And it really sounds crazy to you but it’s the only and the last thing we can do to know for certain  what happened. And I can't do this with out you girls. We CAN do this! "

Lucy searched Nikita's eyes for a while as if deciding on something " So if this thing worked out, what's next? "

Nikita smiled and lead Lucy back to the girls .

" I know it's a bit scary but … " 
Nikita said to the girls " If we did communicate with Angel's spirit I think she will give us some hints of what happened to her."

Then Rachel said " Well, what the heck! Count me in. After all, what do we have to lose?!" And they all agreed with her and went to Angel's grave.

They all sat in a circle around the grave and 
Nikita gave each girl a candle and put the bowl in the middle and held the herbs in a hand and a book in the other hand and said" shall we?" they all lighted their candles and held each others hand, Nikita waited to be 12 sharb then she started to read from the book in a foreign language.

All the girls closed their eyes and 
Nikita threw the herbs into the bowl and let it on fire.

They were all quiet and there were no sounds but Nikita's. Then suddenly she stopped!. A light wind blew through the circle and almost blew out the candles, then it started to pick up speed. The girls felt scared but Nikita said " What ever happens, do not break up the circle or the spirit will cut loose. "

They all shut their eyes hard and tried to sit still. But the wind blew out all the candles and flipped the bowl with the flaming herbs in to Molly's lap. She screamed and jumped of her place. All the girls started to scream but Luckily, Molly didn’t get burned because she brushed away the burning herbs off her quickly. And they all stopped screaming.

Then Ammy cried with panting breath "What happened?!". But Nikita didn’t answer. She just sat in her place dazzled.

Once again Ammy asked her " What did the fuck happen? Molly almost got burned!"

This time she answered her " I don’t know" she stood up " I really don’t know. I did exactly what I was suppose to be doing but it seemed that it didn’t work!"

" YOU THINK!" Rachel said sarcastically " I thought you can do this. You said it your self!"

" Hey girls!" Stacey cut them off " Don’t blame her for trying to help. She did what she know but unfortunately it didn’t work. At least we tried.

Then lucy said " Yeah she's right. I think we'd better go home. Now, is every body ok? "

They all nodded and went back home…

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Walking Back To Molly's House...

" I cant believe it!" Molly said " There's something wrong. But i cant figure it out"

"What's wrong? " Justin asked. He wrapped his arms around her waist " What goes in that beautiful mind of yours?

"Emm.. About poor Angel" She replied " She cant just kill her self. Thats so not her!" she faced Justin, he looked like he was thinking of something " Are you with me? " she whispered. He didnt say anything, he seemed absentminded " Hello!!" she waved her hand in front his face.

Then he was like " Huh!! you were saying? "

" What the hecks with you!" Molly scowled at him and stopped walking. They arrived at the front door of her house.

"Sorry Molly" he said and then held her arms " I've got something to tell you"

Molly felt that he was up to something not good " What is it? "

He cleared his throat and said " Listen, about three weeks ago i filled up an application for a training course about M.I.S. in Washington DC. Which is perfect training for me before going to college. " He paused to see Molly's reaction, but she just stood there and didnt say anything, he continued " It will take 2 weeks and I'm going tomorrow "

Then she shouted " TOMORROW! why u didn't tell me about it sooner? and what about school?"

" Cause I wasn't sure if they will accept me. And i didn't want to make a big deal about it. They replied only yesterday. I took permission from school of course, and I'll catch up when i come back."

Molly looked some how sad " Well i guess its good for you. But i'll miss you honey"

He hugged her " I'll miss you more" and he leaned to kiss her then she kissed him back.

Some one behind the door shouted out " Am going out dear ".

They broke the kiss quickly just before the door opened. It was Mr. Anderson, Molly's father. " OH its you kids. Hello Justin, how are you?"

" Im fine thank you sir" Justin replied.

Then Mr. Anderson turned to Molly and said " You better go inside. Its freezing out here"

" I will dad " she said to him half smiling. Then he took off with his car.

Justin looked back at Molly and said " Hey, I forgot to tell you that Ben is coming with me"

"Rachel did't tell me" she wondered "Well then, I'd better go inside. And dont forget to call me"

" I wont honey, I promise." Then he gave her a kiss and walked away.

Molly waved him goodbye and went inside.

In The Mean While ...

"listen.. " Ben said to Rachel when they were standing at the front yard  of Rachel's house. " I know you are mad at me and I'm really sorry ok?" he looked at Rachel's eyes waiting for an answer.

Then she nodded " Alright" and gave him a smile but Ben grabbed her from her shoulders and said " I was thinking about us lately, and what's going on between us... I realized that we should end it!!"

Rachel face looked confused and frighten 'cause she didnt know what he meant. So she said quickly " End what ?!"

" We should stop fighting with each other. Not every argument we turn it into a fight or we will lose each other and i dont want to lose you Rachel ! " Then he paused to see Rachel's reaction.

She took a deep breath and said " Yeah. I guess you are right. ". Then he gave her a light kiss on the lips and she hugged him.

" I got to go now. Its getting late. " Rachel said. She started walking towards her house, then Ben ran after her to stop her " Listen. I gotta tell you something else " she asked " What? "

"Umm " Ben was hesitating. " WHAT?? " she asked him again.

He answered without pausing " Justin and I filled up an application for a training about M.I.S. long time ago and they accepted us. I didnt know until yesterday and we are going tomorrow for 2 weeks. " and stopped trying to catch his breath.

Then Rachel went like " HUH?! ". He continued " We are going to Washington DC for a couple of weeks and it will look good in our papers when we apply to the college we want."

Rachel wanted to yell at him because she was upset about keeping it a secret from her, but she thought about it. She just promised Ben not to fight again. So she said "You know I wish for you all the best. " she smiled and gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek.

Ben smiled back and looked relieved. Then he left and said " I'm gonna miss you." and waved goodbye.

She waved back and went inside.

Still The Same Night... Stacey's House ...

Nikita said to Stacey " We gotta do something " Stacey was chewing some chips. " any Ideas? "

"Yes, put you have to agree with every thing i do. I think i got a plan. " Nikita said. " Which is ?!!" seriously Nikita, what could we possibly do ? " she asked her.

Nikita looked at Stacey and said " First, call the Jiggy Girls.". "aha... " Stacey looked suspicious of what Nikita is getting at.

" And tell them we got to meet at the grave yard at 11:30 pm. "

" Tha grave yard?! 11:30 ?? what the hell you're going to do ? "

" Just trust me with this alright? if every thing goes ok, i think we will get the truth behind the night Angel died"

" I dont know Nikita, are you sure about this? "

" Dead sure!! "

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Back then before Jesse was Angel's b.f. , Nikita was his girl friend. But later even when they totally knew that they loved each other so deeply, they didnt have anything in common. And they always fought. So eventually they decided for their own sake to seperate for a while. But their fate was against them and they broke up eventually. And by the time Jesse was over her, he met Angel and fell in love with her.

The Next morning... (Sunday)

Stacey and Chester picked up Ammy and Leo from Leo's house and went to the police station. They were all still shocked from what happened to their best friend. Still dont believe that Angel killed her self. They knew her well enough she doesnt dare to do such thing. She was very sensible girl.

When they arrived, they saw that Nikita, Molly and Justin were already there.

" Where're the others? Justin asked. " They will come soon" Stacey answered him. Her voice was croaked, as if her throat hurts when she spoke.

" Yeah, I just called Rachel. She said that she will pick up Ben and come here. But I dont know about Jesse or Lucy. " Said Ammy.

Moments later, Rachel and Ben stepped off from their car with Lucy.

" Come.. Lets finish this whole damn thing!" 
Rachel said with an angry voice. She pushed Chester and Leo to a side while she marched toward the door. Then Molly grabbed her by the shoulder and about to yell at her to talk some sense into her, but she stopped. 'Cause when she turned Rachel to face her she saw tears in her eyes. Then Molly hugged her and they both cried. 

Nikita patted them on their shoulders and said "Please don't cry. We are going through difficult times but staying strong and together will get us through it."
Molly and Rachel wiped their tears. Nikita and Rachel went inside and the rest followed them.

Some middle age police man stopped them and asked " Are you here for Angel Hartnett case?"

" Yes, we are her friends. " answered Ammy.

" Is Jesse Hofman with you? " he asked. " No" Ammy said "He didnt show up".

" Ok then, until he does, we will start with..... " He was checking a piece of paper he was holding " Rachel Tailor" he finally said.

" Thats me!!" Rachel raised her hand.

" Please come with me" he said to her " We will start our invistigation with you. "

Then he lead her to a door with a sign on it that said " Detective James Addam ". Rachel entered the room and saw James Addam setting on a large mahogany disk with lots of papers and files on it. He asked her to set down. And he looked at one paper and said " We will start now"

Then he pushed the play button from a small black recording machine and said" Tell me your name? "

Rachel : My name is Rachel Tailor.
d. James : And how old are you? .
Rachel : Im 17.

d. James : Whats your relationship with Angel Hartnett? .
Rachel : She was one of my best friends. And we go to the same highschool.
d. James : Do you know what happened to her? .
She looked down and said : I think so .
d. James : What do you think happened to her? .

Rachel : Well...
She paused for a while then continued : The cops said that she committed a suicide.
d. James : Yes, We concluded that. Where were you when that happened? .

Rachel : I was in a party. It was at our friend Molly who you can check with her when she comes here.
d. James : I'll do that. And when was the last time you saw Angel? .
Rachel : When her play finished we went to congratulate her. Because Angel was amazing...

She started to cry. He handed her a napkin and asked with a concerned tune: Do you want us to continue?
She replied with a sad voice : yes. Just give me a minute.

Then she calmed her self down and said : I just dont believe it. Angel was a strong girl. I dont understand.
d. James : Why do you think she did it? Was there anything bothering her? .
Rachel : Nothing i can think of! .

d. James : Are you sure?
Rachel: yes.

d. James looked at a paper he was holding and said : And how about that her application to join the University of Harvard has been declined? What do you think of that a reason? .

Rachel looked suddenly confused. She didnt think of that. No one did! she rubbed her forehead and said : I dont know!!!.

" You can go now" he said and pushed the stop button. Then Rachel left the room.

All of her friends were waiting impatiently for her. Wondering what the detective said. She stared at them and couldnt say anything. She ran to Ben and hugged him and cried.

The same policeman asked for Lucy next and then the rest of the group one by one.

d. James asked the same questions and the guys answered relatively same answers (except for Nikita, 'cause she wasn't there when Angel died.). Thats all what they know.

All the guys were stunned and shocked from what the detective said about the reason behind Angel's suicide..

COULD IT BE?!! ...

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Ammy's House...

That Saturday night, all of them went to Ammy's house. They were in the setting room. Rachel and Ben were standing. Molly, Justin and Nikita were setting in the couch. Ammy and Leo were setting on the other couch and Stacey, Chester and Jesse were coming inside when Molly said: "How are you Nikita? its been a long time"

" I'm fine" Nikita answered " I missed you guys so much"

Then Stacey said: "Yeah, we missed you too. We are sorry we had to meet again like that"

Nikita added: " Things happen. And Angel was one of us and still one of us. I'll never forget her"

" Neither do i". It was Jesse. He was leaning on the wall, hands inside his pockets and his head bending down. They were all surprised 'cause Jesse didnt say a word to them since Angel passed away.

"Anyone want something to drink?" Ammy said to break the tension.

"Get me some sodas hun " Leo answered. "Me too" Chester said, he was raising his hand.

"Ok, coming right up" said Ammy and hurried to the kitchen.

After that Lucy rushed in and said " yeah i know i'm late. Save it! i have a good reason this time. Some detective.. Emm.. James Addam i think, stopped me while i was leaving the funeral. He asked me some questions about the night when... you know"

" And what did you say to him? " Rachel asked. "well, ofcourse i told I was at Molly's party." Lucy replied.

"What do you think she would say? " Ben interrupted. Then Rachel faced him and said with a tune "what?? I didn't mean any thing! i was just curious that's all . Let the girl finish her story" She looked the other way and gave him her back.

" GOD!! here we go again. you always want us to start a fight since the day we met!. I'm outta here i dont need this." and he marched out.

Ammy came back with four sodas. She gave one to Leo, one to Chester and put the others on the table. " Where is Ben going? " she asked.

Rachel grabbed a soda and opened it, she said "We just had a fight".
"OH!" Ammy added " Not again!"

After that, Lucy sat on her knees and dropped all the things in her bag on the table. "What are you doing?" Justen asked.

"Well, the detective.. what's his name again? " Lucy said.

"James Addam!" Justen answered her impatiently.

"Yeah right. He said something i dont remember. I wrote it down on a paper...... FOUND IT!" and she raised a piece of paper then added " He said that all those who are close friends with Angel have to go to the police station 'cause they are doing further investigations, and they want all of you for some questions by tomorrow morning. " Some beeping was coming out of her bag then she added " Well, some friend paged me. gotta go. see you all later. " then left the room in a hurry.

" Im not going for sure" Nikita said. They all turned to her wondering. She added quickly " Hey! dont look at me that way. Its just that i hate police stations. I don't even like to think that i'm inside one of them. And Besides, i wasnt here since when? say 3 months? no way. "

" Yeah, she's right!" Chester said. Then Leo threw the can aiming for the trash " 2 points! Do you have more sodas since Rachel drank all of them? "

"No. Sorry sweetie we are out" Ammy answered. "Its ok" he said and gave her a kiss. Then Rachel shouted " HEY! no kissing in front of me."

They all started making out just to annoy her. Of course except Nikita and Jesse, they just looked at each other. Nikita turned her head down for a while and when she looked up again, Jesse was gone !! ...

Friday, July 10, 2009


The Grave Yard...

At Angel's Funeral on the next day, the Jiggy Girls were there. Even Jesse, He was wearing a black cap that shielded his face from the gazing eyes that looked his way. He looked so devastated and tired like he didn’t sleep for few days.

Molly and Rachel were setting together quietly. Justin and Ben were setting beside Rachel. They were whispering to each other. Lucy was setting in the last line because she came late. Stacey was setting in third line, her eyelids were puffy from crying over Angel all night. Besides her, Chester was setting and holding her hands. Ammy was next to them, lost in her thoughts and tears running down her face.

There were of course a lot of students from Angel's class at the funeral paying their respect. Ethan, Jacob and Abigail from the music class. Olivia and Kate from her PE group. And Dan, who used to work with Angel in the school weekly newsletter.

Angel's parents – Mr. and Mrs. Hartnett- were setting in the first raw. Horror and sadness filled their faces, their only child has died.

Niketta was there too. She is the last member of the Jiggy Girls. But she had to move to Africa, because she wanted to expand her knowledge about witch crafts. Of course that's not the reason she persuaded her parents with to move there. She told them they can't postpone their dream  trip to Africa until after she graduate. She can continue her education there.