Sunday, September 18, 2011


School, Lunch Break... 

The school's cafeteria was filled with noises of students talking, dishes cluttering, and chairs being dragged around. In the middle of the cafeteria area is where the Jiggy Girls usually sit.

"Hi guys" Rachel sat on their table. "Oh hi Rachel" replied Stacey.

"Guys, did any of you see Mally today?" Ammy wondered. "No" Rachel, Chester and Stacey replied.

"Weired!" Ammy continued "She was fine yesterday but didn’t see her in class today"

"Maybe she was talking to Justin all night" Stacey joked. They all laughed then Chester leaned on Stacey and whispered " I wanna talk to you all night or maybe do something more" Stacey blushed and gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek.

"Check it out" Rachel said to the group. They all turned and saw Jesse waiting in queue at the food corner. Then Leo came with his tray and sat next to Ammy. "Hi sweetie" he said and gave her a kiss.

She asked him " Did you see Jesse?". "Yeah, we talked" he answered.

"Really man?" Chester asked "How is he?"

"OK i guess, but he didn't get out of his house the whole weekend" Leo answered and took a bite from his sandwich. Then Rachel waved at Jesse to join them, and he came "Hi everybody" Jesse greeted them and sat next to Rachel.

"Hi Jesse" Stacey replied "How are you? Where've you been?"

He looked at her and said "Sorry if I've made you worry about me but I'm fine now" then Rachel said "Good to hear that 'cause we missed you and we don’t get to see you around lately"

"Well.." Jesse said "Here I am"

"Seriously man" Chester said to Jesse "If you need anything name it, alright?"

"Thanks dude. I really appreciate it" answered Jesse.

Molly's House 6:00 PM ...

Mrs. Black heard some knocking on the door, she went to open it. "Oh hi Ammy, Leo. Please come in". "Hi Mrs. Black" Leo Smiled politely.

"Molly is in her room with your friends." Said Mrs. Black. Then Ammy and Leo went upstairs.

Stacey was setting on Molly's bed holding her hand. And Chester was setting on a chair next to her while Nikita was standing near the window.

"Sweetie!!" Ammy rushed in and hugged Molly. "Hey Ammy" she said hugging her back.

"I heard what happened last night. How are you?" Ammy asked in a concerned tune. "I'm still a bit shaky but I think I'm alright." Molly answered.

Then Lucey and Rachel entered the room hurriedly and hugged Molly. "They told us what happened!" they both said in a shock.

"It's ok girls, I'm fine. Honestly." She said to them and attempted to smile to prove it.

"Tell us how it happened exactly" Chester asked Molly.

She straightened up on the bed and asked everyone to set down. Then she went on "I was sleeping after our meeting yesterday. Then some cat fight woke me up. I went to the window to see what's going on. Then I turned my back for a sec…" Molly paused and looked at the window, then continued " And there it was, the blood covering the window. It was awful"

"Oh my god!" Lucey said, shocked.

"The scariest part is" Molly said "That ugly big black cat just sitting there, biting the other cat by its neck. It actually killed the poor cat!! It was disgusting. "

"Hold on for a second" Nikita interrupted "How on earth did the black cat managed to climb all the way up to your window that fast while carrying the dead cat with it?!!"

"I don’t know!!" replied Molly with a concerned look on her face.

Then Leo asked "Excuse me, but is it just me or… " he looked at Chester "do you remember any meeting yesterday?". "No!" he replied "why?"

"Because I don’t remember either! Hmmm, what's going on girls?" Leo looked to the Jiggy Girls "What was this secret meeting that we don’t know about?"

Then Ammy looked at Stacey to give her a hint on what she could say to him. But Stacey couldn’t say anything.

"Leo" Nikita said "We tried to resurrect Angel's spirit yesterday to help us know what happened to her but it didn’t work."

Then Ammy said quickly "The reason we didn’t tell you boys is because we didn’t want you to get into trouble…"

"COOL!" Leo interrupted. "TOTALLY!" said Chaster in amusement. Ammy looked confused cause she didn’t see that coming.

"But you should have told us anyways. We could have helped" Leo said. " I'll make it up to you" Ammy teased and kissed him.

"Get a room!" Rachel frowned at them.

Then Lucy said "I think it's time to go. We should let Molly get some rest". Then she looked at Molly and asked "Are you going to school tomorrow? " Molly nodded, and they all left.


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