Sunday, May 9, 2010


Monday, 4:05 A.M. Molly's House, ...

Molly stood up in her bed in a shock. what was the noise that woke her up?!! And then it started again. she looked at the window where a very scary cat's sound came from.

And then another one deep and sharp,

A little squeal escaped Mollys' mouth. The sound of the cats woke her up. Then they got loader, they seemed that they were fighting.


Molly jumped from her bed and looked through the window. The cats hit the trash can. they were still fighting.

She backed off, closed the window and turned . She waited for a while until the sounds stopped then she turned around again to check if the cats left.

"AAAAAAH!!" Molly screamed and fell backwards on to the ground. Then her parents rushed to her room and Molly's mom held her up " Whats wrong honey?"

Molly was crying and pointing to the window. Then Molly's father looked to the window and gasped " WHAT THE...!"

There was a big black cat setting on the other side of the window biting a dead grey cat by its neck and there was blood all over the window glass. The black cat just sat there staring back at them.

Mrs Black took Molly out of the room and Mr. Black went to his room to fetch his old pitch and returned back to Molly's room to scare off the cat. But it was gone. Both of them, the live and the dead one!!