Thursday, September 10, 2009


Walking Back To Molly's House...

" I cant believe it!" Molly said " There's something wrong. But i cant figure it out"

"What's wrong? " Justin asked. He wrapped his arms around her waist " What goes in that beautiful mind of yours?

"Emm.. About poor Angel" She replied " She cant just kill her self. Thats so not her!" she faced Justin, he looked like he was thinking of something " Are you with me? " she whispered. He didnt say anything, he seemed absentminded " Hello!!" she waved her hand in front his face.

Then he was like " Huh!! you were saying? "

" What the hecks with you!" Molly scowled at him and stopped walking. They arrived at the front door of her house.

"Sorry Molly" he said and then held her arms " I've got something to tell you"

Molly felt that he was up to something not good " What is it? "

He cleared his throat and said " Listen, about three weeks ago i filled up an application for a training course about M.I.S. in Washington DC. Which is perfect training for me before going to college. " He paused to see Molly's reaction, but she just stood there and didnt say anything, he continued " It will take 2 weeks and I'm going tomorrow "

Then she shouted " TOMORROW! why u didn't tell me about it sooner? and what about school?"

" Cause I wasn't sure if they will accept me. And i didn't want to make a big deal about it. They replied only yesterday. I took permission from school of course, and I'll catch up when i come back."

Molly looked some how sad " Well i guess its good for you. But i'll miss you honey"

He hugged her " I'll miss you more" and he leaned to kiss her then she kissed him back.

Some one behind the door shouted out " Am going out dear ".

They broke the kiss quickly just before the door opened. It was Mr. Anderson, Molly's father. " OH its you kids. Hello Justin, how are you?"

" Im fine thank you sir" Justin replied.

Then Mr. Anderson turned to Molly and said " You better go inside. Its freezing out here"

" I will dad " she said to him half smiling. Then he took off with his car.

Justin looked back at Molly and said " Hey, I forgot to tell you that Ben is coming with me"

"Rachel did't tell me" she wondered "Well then, I'd better go inside. And dont forget to call me"

" I wont honey, I promise." Then he gave her a kiss and walked away.

Molly waved him goodbye and went inside.

In The Mean While ...

"listen.. " Ben said to Rachel when they were standing at the front yard  of Rachel's house. " I know you are mad at me and I'm really sorry ok?" he looked at Rachel's eyes waiting for an answer.

Then she nodded " Alright" and gave him a smile but Ben grabbed her from her shoulders and said " I was thinking about us lately, and what's going on between us... I realized that we should end it!!"

Rachel face looked confused and frighten 'cause she didnt know what he meant. So she said quickly " End what ?!"

" We should stop fighting with each other. Not every argument we turn it into a fight or we will lose each other and i dont want to lose you Rachel ! " Then he paused to see Rachel's reaction.

She took a deep breath and said " Yeah. I guess you are right. ". Then he gave her a light kiss on the lips and she hugged him.

" I got to go now. Its getting late. " Rachel said. She started walking towards her house, then Ben ran after her to stop her " Listen. I gotta tell you something else " she asked " What? "

"Umm " Ben was hesitating. " WHAT?? " she asked him again.

He answered without pausing " Justin and I filled up an application for a training about M.I.S. long time ago and they accepted us. I didnt know until yesterday and we are going tomorrow for 2 weeks. " and stopped trying to catch his breath.

Then Rachel went like " HUH?! ". He continued " We are going to Washington DC for a couple of weeks and it will look good in our papers when we apply to the college we want."

Rachel wanted to yell at him because she was upset about keeping it a secret from her, but she thought about it. She just promised Ben not to fight again. So she said "You know I wish for you all the best. " she smiled and gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek.

Ben smiled back and looked relieved. Then he left and said " I'm gonna miss you." and waved goodbye.

She waved back and went inside.

Still The Same Night... Stacey's House ...

Nikita said to Stacey " We gotta do something " Stacey was chewing some chips. " any Ideas? "

"Yes, put you have to agree with every thing i do. I think i got a plan. " Nikita said. " Which is ?!!" seriously Nikita, what could we possibly do ? " she asked her.

Nikita looked at Stacey and said " First, call the Jiggy Girls.". "aha... " Stacey looked suspicious of what Nikita is getting at.

" And tell them we got to meet at the grave yard at 11:30 pm. "

" Tha grave yard?! 11:30 ?? what the hell you're going to do ? "

" Just trust me with this alright? if every thing goes ok, i think we will get the truth behind the night Angel died"

" I dont know Nikita, are you sure about this? "

" Dead sure!! "

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