Sunday, October 25, 2009


The Grave Yard, 11:30 pm ...

"Ok, we are here, where is Nikita? " Rachel complained.

"I dont know. She said that she will be here by now. " Stacey replied.

Molly was rubbing her shoulders " This place gives me the creeps. Let's get the hell outta here. "

"NOO!" shouted out Nikita, they all jumped.

Ammy asked quickly "Where've you been ? ".

"Buying some stuff" said 
Nikita and dropped a bag to the ground.

"Great! " Lucy said with a tune "We are standing here frozen to death while you were shopping … "

"At the witches craft shop " 
Nikita interrupted her. They all stood silent.

"What ?!! " wondered Ammy. Then 
Nikita said "You’re always hasty. Listen " She took a deep breath " I know that you want to know what really happened the night Angel died, right ? "

They were nodding in agreement and curiosity filled their faces, and 
Nikita continued " Well, so do I. And I've been thinking lately, thinking hard and finally I figured it out.. "

"And … ?" Molly interrupted impatiently.
Nikita said " Just hear me out , ok?. Now where was I ? … yeah right. Umm, first you have to trust me"

Stacey said " Sure were trust you. Other wise we won't be here ."

" Alright then" said 
Nikita. She started to take out stuff from her bag, candles, books, herbs and a bowl.

Then Lucey asked " What are these for ? " . " These things will help us " 
Nikita replied to her. " Help us with what? " She asked.Nikita didn't say anything for a while while looking at the girls who were anxious for an answer. Then Nikita said " Here how it goes, we all go to Angel's grave, and set in a circle around it. Each one of us should light a candle in front of her. Then I'll start chanting some … "

" What are you trying to say? " Rachel interrupted.

" I'll bring Angel back! " She said calmly.

" WHAT?!!" they all shouted out.

" Hey hey! " 
Nikita tried to explain "It's not like trying to bring her BODY back!. But if we can communicate with angel's spirit, which I hope .. "

" You gotta be kidding me!. You are crazy, you know that?! " Lucy shouted at her and took off. Then Niketa ran after her " I can explain this.. Hey listen to me for a sec.. " she grabbed Lucy's arm " I know this is too much for you and you cant fully comprehend it. And it really sounds crazy to you but it’s the only and the last thing we can do to know for certain  what happened. And I can't do this with out you girls. We CAN do this! "

Lucy searched Nikita's eyes for a while as if deciding on something " So if this thing worked out, what's next? "

Nikita smiled and lead Lucy back to the girls .

" I know it's a bit scary but … " 
Nikita said to the girls " If we did communicate with Angel's spirit I think she will give us some hints of what happened to her."

Then Rachel said " Well, what the heck! Count me in. After all, what do we have to lose?!" And they all agreed with her and went to Angel's grave.

They all sat in a circle around the grave and 
Nikita gave each girl a candle and put the bowl in the middle and held the herbs in a hand and a book in the other hand and said" shall we?" they all lighted their candles and held each others hand, Nikita waited to be 12 sharb then she started to read from the book in a foreign language.

All the girls closed their eyes and 
Nikita threw the herbs into the bowl and let it on fire.

They were all quiet and there were no sounds but Nikita's. Then suddenly she stopped!. A light wind blew through the circle and almost blew out the candles, then it started to pick up speed. The girls felt scared but Nikita said " What ever happens, do not break up the circle or the spirit will cut loose. "

They all shut their eyes hard and tried to sit still. But the wind blew out all the candles and flipped the bowl with the flaming herbs in to Molly's lap. She screamed and jumped of her place. All the girls started to scream but Luckily, Molly didn’t get burned because she brushed away the burning herbs off her quickly. And they all stopped screaming.

Then Ammy cried with panting breath "What happened?!". But Nikita didn’t answer. She just sat in her place dazzled.

Once again Ammy asked her " What did the fuck happen? Molly almost got burned!"

This time she answered her " I don’t know" she stood up " I really don’t know. I did exactly what I was suppose to be doing but it seemed that it didn’t work!"

" YOU THINK!" Rachel said sarcastically " I thought you can do this. You said it your self!"

" Hey girls!" Stacey cut them off " Don’t blame her for trying to help. She did what she know but unfortunately it didn’t work. At least we tried.

Then lucy said " Yeah she's right. I think we'd better go home. Now, is every body ok? "

They all nodded and went back home…


  1. hi :)
    i like this part how the story changs but i didn't get it !! why didn't the spirit come ? or did it ?

  2. hi shdn..

    yeah, we're getting to the scary part :p

    u have 2 wait 2 c what had happened..

    thnx for ur comment

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