Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Jiggy Girls Story

Chapter 1

'' Hi girls! i've got hot news, guess what? " said Molly. She is one of the jiggy girls. she's an Italian American who has a baby face, sepia curly hair and an athletic looking.

" You finally did it with Justin " Rachel joked, who is also one of the jiggy girls. she is southeast Asian American.

" Very, very funny " said Molly sarcastically.

" So what's the hot news? " Stacey interrupted. She is another member of the jiggy girls. Her hair is straight fair hair, big blue beautiful eyes and a very sexy body.

" My brother promised to throw me a barbecue party" said Molly. " Cool, when? " Ammy asked, she is the fourth of the jiggy girls, her hair is straight long and black. And she got big black eyes, specific physiognomies, svelte body and cheecky face.

" Next Friday at my house. 8 o'clock, deal? " Molly answered. " Sure, Ammy you tell Lucy and i'll tell Angel, ok? " said Stacy.

Lucy and Angel are part of the group. Lucy is an African American, although she is a member in the group but she is always away, doing her own thing. And Angel is sort of the leader, she got a special black short hair, big black eyes, pretty physiognomies and tall svelte body.
" Yeah, sure it's ok" Ammy answered.

Angel got a Romeo and Juliet play which she is playing Julit, And Jesse -Angel's boyfriend- plays Romeo. The play will be on Friday (the same day of the party).

At the theater, the whole staff was preparing for the play. Angel and Jesse were rehearsing, when they had finished, Stacey jumped to the stage. " Hi!, your play is really great cause you are really Romeo and Juliet, do you know that?? " she asked.

" Oh yeah, sure we are " Jesse answered half smiling." Jesse, i'll meet you in biology class, ok? " Angel interrupted." ok sweet Juliet" Jesse answered.

" So what's up? " Angel asked. " Molly's brother promised her to throw her a barbecue party " stacey added, " Next Friday at her house "

" In the same day of the play? " Angel frowned. " Yeah whats wrong? " Stacey wondered. 

" Oh great! nice timing". Angel complained " hey hey, what do you mean? " Stacey added " You're not coming? "

" I don't know. maybe! " Angel added " Look, i'll be so tiered"
" Oh please Angel" Stacey interrupted " For the jiggy girls? "

" Ok ok, just don't give me that innocent eyes look" said Angel.

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