Friday, June 12, 2009


At the party...

It has been a while since the party started. Everyone was dancing and drinking beers. Stacey and Chester- Stacey's boyfriend- were in Molly's bedroom, making out. Rachel was dancing with Ben - her boyfriend and also Molly's older brother- she was wearing one piece pinky dress.

Ammy - wearing a short black cocktail dress- was standing in a corner in the living room with her boyfriend Leo. Her arms were locked around Leo's nick and his arms around her waist, they were kissing passionately. 

Molly was dancing with her childhood bestfriend and her current boyfriend Justin. She had on a red dress and wearing a red lipstick.

Lucy came late (as usual), " Hi everybody, sorry i'm late. " she said.

 " Yeah, that's a first! " Molly mocked her. Lucy ignored her and said to two guys who came in with her " lets dance ".

Jesse was starting to look around, he went outside and then got back again where Stacey and Chester were standing after coming out of the room " Hey, did you see Angel? " Jesse asked. " No, why? didnt she come yet? " Stacey wondered.

" What's up guys? whats wrong? " Rachel interrupted. " Angel didnt show up yet. i tried her cellphone but it was switched off. i'm really worried about her. " Jesse answered. " I better go to her house to see whats taking her so long, ok? "

" That's a good idea. Call us once you reach her. " Rachel added. Jesse nodded and left.

At that moment, Lucy turned the volume of the sterio up and shouted " Come on everybody, lets rock this place! " . So everyone started to scream, dance and throw things at each other.

After 30 minutes, Stacey went out side and looked at the drive way, but there was no sign of Jesse's car.

Molly and Ammy were barbecuing steaks, corn, and chips in the back yard. " Smells good, when it will be done? " Rachel asked. 

" Any minute now " Ammy answered. Stacey came and she looked worried. " Hey guys, Jesse is not back yet! "

" Really? " Rachel wondered " He didnt call either ".

" Maybe Jesse and Angel decided  to celebrate alone " Ammy joked. They all laughed.

"No seriously," Stacey said. "Some thing is up.  I'm going to Angel's house, anyone cares to join?" Ammy and Stacy both joined her.

At Angel's house, Stacey knocked the door for maybe more than 4 times until Angel's mother answered the door. " Hi Mrs. Hartnett. Is Angel here?" Stacey asked. " No she didnt come since the play. i thought that she's with you guys! " Mrs. Hartnett answered.

" Uh-Oh" Rachel whispered. " Oh yeah, i just remembered. " Lied Ammy "She said she will be late a bit to change her clothes at the theater " Ammy always knows what to say to avoid awkward situations.

" Thank you Mrs. Hartnett " Said Stacey. And they all went quickly to Chester's car and drove away.

"Where are we going guys? " Chester asked. " I dont know!. I have no idea " Stacey answered.

" Hey, i've got an idea. Lets go to the school." Ammy interrupted. " Yeah she is right. Angel was last seen there" said Rachel.

So Chester turned the car and headed to the school...

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