Sunday, June 14, 2009


At school ...

The school was full of police cars and officers. It was landlocked by a yellow banderole. The fourth of them - Ammy, Rachel, Stacey and Chester - got out of the car. They looked around in confusion.

" Excuse me sir, what's going on? " Rachel asked a man who was standing next to her. " We don't know yet. They are not telling us anything "

" Come on guys " Chester whispered to them. " I dont think they will let us pass through here. I know a way in at the back of the school. It will lead us straight to the theater. "

One by one, they all sneaked to the back. Behind a big dumpster, there was an emergency door that has a broken lock.

" Eww, it stinks here." Ammy complained and crinkled her nose. " How do you know about this place? " Stacey asked Chester. " Me and the boys discovered it one day and we used it to sneak out." He joked.

" SHHH! " Rachel whispered. " Keep your voices down. We dont want to get caught! "

Chester held the door open for the girls to get in and he followed them. The corridor was empty. Quietly, the walked to the far end and then turned right to where the theater supposed to be. But suddenly, Stacey stopped. Causing the rest of the guys behind her to stumble. The entrance of the theater was full of police men and men in suites and paramedics . They didnt notice them at first because they were busy walking in and out of the theater.

" Look!! " Rachel pointed out " It's Jesee" . Jesse looked shaken and confused. He looked like he would collapse in any moment. A man beside him was talking to him, he was wearing a suite and a police badge. And held a note and a pen.

" Hey you!". Finally a policeman noticed them and started walking towards them. " How did you get in here?. Its a prohibited area. You are not allowed to be here. " He grabbed Stacey's by her arms. " Let go of her! " Chester shouted at him and tried to release Stacey..

" No stop! " Ammy shouted at Chester. " We are Jesse's friends who is standing over there". She explained to the policeman and pointed at Jesse.

The man with the badge witnessed the whole thing and motioned to the policeman to let them through and bring them to him.

Rachel said hesitantly to Jesse " Jesse whats wrong?. Are you ok? ". He looked at their eyes and then he looked down to the floor and took a deep breath. " What's wrong man?. Did you find Angel? " Chester asked. \

Jesse raised his head and said with a very sad and smashed voice " Angel..." But he couldnt finish the sentence and burst into tears.

Ammy grabbed his hand " Jesse, you are freaking us out. What ... "

" Alright now every body". The man with the badge said " I'm Detective James Adam. As i understand you are friends of Jesse? " he asked them. " Yes" Ammy answered confused

" And how did you all get in here? " Mr. Adam asked. " I believe that's my fault sir. " Chester interrupted. " We just came through the back door. We were searching for our friend Angel, when .... "

" NOOOO!" Rachel screamed at the top of her lungs and looking with shock inside the theater. Ammy, Stacey and Chester followed her gaze. " OH NOOO!! " Stacey screamed.
" It cant be true!! " Ammy gasped and covered her mouth in shock and tears were falling from her eyes. Then Stacey passed out and Chester grabbed her before she hit the ground. It all went dark...

Angel is DEAD. That was what they saw in the theater floor. Angel corpse in a black body bag, half zipped. And a pool of blood beside it.

They learned later that the main reason to angel's death was a massive internal head bleeding due to her fall from the stage.

What happened was one of the night school guard heard a scream and ran to the theater and saw Jesse holding Angel's Body. So he cuffed him with out Jesse's resistance and called the police.

The police took him into custody for further investigation. But there weren't enough evidence or a motive for Jesse to kill Angel. So they let him go. And the investigation concluded that it was a suicide even though there was no suicide letter left behind by Angel. 

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